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About Us

Christian Arabic School was founded by Coptic parents living in North America. Like many other second and third generation Egyptian parents, we realized that our children were losing touch with their culture and heritage. They were neither able to attend/understand Arabic Liturgy nor communicate with many members of our family. This gave us the idea to create an Arabic language program that may help other families with similar concerns. 

We created an online school offering classes to students of all ages. Our goal is to help them learn a second language, understand the basics of Arabic Liturgy, expand their vocabulary and even be able to talk to Teta and Gedo in their mother tongue. Our beginner classes focus more on the Egyptian dialect than on classical Arabic.

We are so excited to play a role in bettering the future of our children and in helping ensure the continuation of the Arabic language in our North American Coptic Churches. We pray that God may bless this project and look forward to getting to know your families.

Sincerley with the grace of God, 

Rania Megalla 

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